About Diane

  • Elected State Representative 2010  
  • Member Health and Human Services Finance Committee, Commerce and Regulatory Reform Committee and Judiciary Policy and Finance Committee
  • Married, 2 children
  • B. S., Housing, University of Minnesota
  • Small business owner
  • Worked in Mortgage Banking for 10 years
  • Eagan homeowner since 1989
  • Citizen advocate at the Minnesota Legislature for 21 Years
  • Past member, MN Department of Human Services Child Support Guidelines Task force
  • Past member, MN Supreme Court Visitation and Child Support Enforcement Task Force
  • Member of Cedar Valley Church
  • Church and school volunteer 


Dear Neighbor,

Now that the 2012 legislative session has ended, I want to take this opportunity to bring you up to date on our major accomplishments of the session.  As a new member of the Minnesota House, my colleagues and I had numerous times where legislators from both sides of the aisle came together and passed bipartisan bills for the benefit of all Minnesotans. For example, on the Health and Human Services committee, we did not have anyone vote against our Omnibus Health and Human Services finance bill.  We worked together to do what is best for Minnesotans.

When my term started in January of 2011, the legislature faced a $6.2 billion deficit.  I am happy to report that our conservative policies worked and the deficit has been turned into a $1.2 billion surplus.  The surplus materialized because for the first time in recent memory, the legislature actually made real progress slowing the growth of state spending, especially in health care.  We also stood firm against raising taxes, which would have had an immediate and profound effect on our local economy, which is now growing faster than the national economy.

During my term in office we worked on the most ambitious government reform agenda in decades, with bills to reduce the size, reach and cost of government. I spent a lot of my time working on health and human services issues. I focused much of my attention on issues surrounding people dealing with mental illness and those who are chemically dependent.   I worked on Commerce issues and had two bills pass and signed into law by Governor Dayton.  In addition to stabilizing the state budget, the Minnesota legislature increased the funding for K-12 students by adding over $100 per student, giving Eagan and Burnsville schools a much needed boost.

Another issue I focused on during 2011-12 was providing funding for homelessness.  When the economy slows down like it did in recent years, more and more families find themselves needing some sort of temporary assistance. As a member of the Health and Human Services Committee, I pushed for policies that put an emphasis on homelessness prevention.

It is a pleasure and a privilege to serve as your state representative in St. Paul. I enjoyed meeting with many of you and listening to your concerns.  Please feel free to contact me about your issues and concerns.  I look forward to hearing from you!



Representative Diane Anderson

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