Long-Term Care Providers Endorse Diane Anderson

Bloomington, MN - CARE-PAC, the political action committee for Care Providers of Minnesota, recently endorsed Diane Anderson for re-election to the House of Representatives in District 51A.  Anderson's support and interest in long-term care was the primary reason she earned the CARE-PAC endorsement.

"Our dedicated long-term care professionals are proud to support Diane Anderson" said Patti Cullen, President and CEO of Care Providers of Minnesota.  "Representative Anderson understands our state's long-term care issues and she has a deep commitment to maintaining Minnesota's reputation for high-quality long-term health care."

Cullen stated that the greatest threat facing Minnesota's long-term care community today revolves around the continued medicaid funding crisis.

"Over the past four years, nursing home rates have been frozen.  Minnesota law does not allow nursing homes to charge private pay residents anything above the Medicaid rate, so in effect the state dictates what we can charge (called rate equalization).  Additionally, over the past four years, between legislative and administrative cuts, there have been double-digit decreases to the rates that Medicaid will pay for services needed by seniors and people with disabilities in assisted living settings," commented Cullen.   "We are at a crisis point in our state and we need renewed state investment so we can continue to provide quality care to "the greatest generation."

"We look forward to continuing to work with Representative Anderson in finding solutions to this grave situation."

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