Dakota County Regional Chamber Leadership Fund Endorsement

Dakota County Regional Chamber Leadership Fund

Endorses Representative Diane Anderson for Minnesota House

On behalf of the Dakota County Regional Chamber Leaderhip Fund, I am pleased to inform you that its Board of Directors has voted to endorse your 2012 candidacy for the Minnesota House of Representatives.

Our endorsement alerts local, regional, and statewide business communities of your commitment to improving and building upon the state's business and economic environment.  Your positions regarding job creation, business retention and growth as well as fiscal responsibility, indicates alignment with our policies and strategies. 

Minnesota Chamber Leadership Fund PAC Endorsement

Minnesota Chamber Leadership Fund PAC

Endorses Representative Diane Anderson for Minnesota House

St. Paul, MN – The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Leadership Fund PAC announces the endorsement of Representative Diane Anderson for the Minnesota House.

“Our PAC’s endorsement is a strong statement to businesses and employees that Representative Diane Anderson is committed to job growth and economic vitality for Minnesota,” said David Olson, secretary/treasurer of the Leadership Fund PAC Board of Directors. “Voting for Representative Diane Anderson is one of the best steps citizens in House District 51A can take to secure their economic future,” Olson added.

The Leadership Fund PAC Board uses specific criteria to determine its endorsements. They include: the candidate’s responses to a questionnaire on the business community’s priority issues, local business community support, candidate electability, leadership on key business issues, and voting records of incumbent candidates.

State Representative Diane Anderson filed her Candidacy for Reelection

Diane filing for office.

State Representative Diane Anderson, an Eagan resident and business owner, announced today that she has officially filed her candidacy for reelection to the Minnesota House and she will be seeking her second term in office. Anderson is running for House District 51A which includes parts of Burnsville and Eagan. Diane Anderson resides in Eagan with her husband and two children.

filing3Anderson has a BS degree from the University of Minnesota. She feels her experience, as a small business owner, will help her craft legislation to encourage job growth and a strong economy. She will work to assure a well-educated workforce. Anderson said, "I plan to continue to focus on job creation, strong economy, and less government spending." Our biggest accomplishment was to take the $5.1 billion deficit and turn it into a $1.2 billion surplus in just one year. Our reforms and policy of less government spending worked to improve Minnesota's economy.

Diane Anderson has served on the Health and Human Services Finance Committee, Commerce and Regulatory Reform Committee, and Judiciary Policy and Finance Committee.

Looking into the future, Anderson said it is important that we pursue additional solutions to:

  • Improve the Minnesota business climate;
  • Hold the line on taxes and spending;
  • Make education funding simpler and fairer, and continue to fund at an appropriate level;
  • Bring more accountability to our schools to improve results and give our children more opportunities for their future;
  • Bring more accountability to government at all levels to help us get the most out of our tax dollars, keeping Minnesota competitive.


Anderson said, "This district needs a fiscally conservative representative who is committed to helping Minnesotans keep more of their hard earned paychecks. It is important to improve Minnesota's job climate." 

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