Job Creation

Rep. Anderson will focus on improving Minnesota's job climate.  The best way for government to grow jobs is to create an environment that attracts job creators and encourages them to expand their businesses. Diane supported bi-partisan efforts to eliminate and streamline unnecessary regulations on businesses across the state. She also stood firm against attempts to raise taxes and worked to reduce government spending.

Fiscal Responsibility

Diane kept her promise to the families and job creators in Eagan and Burnsville by working hard to curtail state government spending and vote against job-killing tax increases. The result: a $6.3 billion deficit in 2011 became a $1.2 billion surplus in 2012.  The legislature made real progress slowing the growth of state spending, especially in health care.  We worked on the most ambitious government reform agenda in decades, with bills to reduce the size, reach, and cost of government.

Quality Health Care Services

At the capitol, Diane focused much of her attention on issues surrounding people dealing with homelessness, mental illness, and those who are chemically dependent.  Diane had legislation to provide funding for Emergency Shelters and Transitional Housing Programs.  She believes consumers should have affordable, private market health care options and they should be able to choose their own health plan.  Diane's goal is to make sure we have quality health care.

Quality Education

Diane and her colleagues in the legislature made K-12 funding a top priority, providing a $100 per student increase for our schools. In addition, she supported meaningful reforms to teacher quality to make sure our children are receiving quality education.  Diane believes we should keep class sizes low and do everything we can to support our teachers.

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